Poor hygiene can have a profound effect on students. It can compromise a student’s general and oral health, diminish their self-esteem, lead to a decline in their academic performance as well as struggles within social settings.

Government Programs provide assistance for students to obtain food but NOT hygiene products. Blessing Bags Brigade cares deeply for students in this margin and would like to partner with your district to fill in this gap. 

Our partnership would provide a monthly hygiene bag (year-round) to every k-12 student receiving free and reduced lunch. 

We hope you will consider joining us to provide your students with this much needed resource.

school Partnership details

BBB would provide every student in the district who is enrolled in the free and reduced program a monthly hygiene bag, year-round.

School District would hold 1 district wide virtual hygiene drive per year to assist in obtaining products for the bags. BBB has established an Amazon Wishlist that includes all of our product. Products ship directly to BBB along with a receipt to any persons who donate.  District would have no responsibility for handling of donations or receipts. 

BBB would provide pizza parties for 1 classroom per elementary school as incentive for donation competitions.

Hygiene Bags include the following items:

Washcloth        Deodorant 

Shampoo          Nail File

Soap                   Bandaids

Toothbrush      Qtips

Toothpaste       Hand Lotion

Dental Floss     

Products offered on an “as needed” basis:

Sanitary Napkins / Tampons 

Is your School District interested in providing  Hygiene Bags for students?